Protein is a macronutrient

that is important for weight loss and a healthier body.

A higher protein diet can boost your metabolism, satisfy your appetite,
and also change several weight-regulating hormones.

Increasing your daily protein intake can assist in weight management for the following:

With intake of protein, some calories are used for the purpose of digesting and metabolising the protein itself. Studies show that protein requires more calories to digest and metabolise than carbohydrates and fats. There for making protein the superior macronutrient when it comes to weight management.

Protein makes your burn more calories. Studies show that a high protein intake can boost your metabolism and increase the number of calories burned by up to 100 calories. Higher protein diets have been proven to have a metabolic advantage over diets lower in protein.

Numerous studies have shown that when you increase your protein intake, you start to eat fewer calories which as known as the appetite advantage. Protein is generally slower digesting than carbohydrates. This means that protein can satisfy your appetite, therefore making you eat less calories. Our SuperLean contains a good source of Protein together with glucomannan, resulting in a great natural appetite satisfier.

In-taking protein can cut your cravings and reduce the desire for late night snacking. Our SuperLean tastes great mixed with water, and has no added sugar, but has a light sweet taste. To satisfy your sweet tooth.

As protein is the building block of life, it is a vital part in almost every function in your body. Protein isn’t only for weight management, your hair, skin, and nails are all made up of protein.

An effective weight management plan, we recommend you combine regular exercise with good nutrition. Here is a sample workout program written by an experienced personal trainer.