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Sapiens SuperPlant Protein is a completely natural and vegan friendly product. Made from the Sapiens Plant Protein Blend, consisting on pea, brown rice, and oat protein - making this a fantastic source of protein with a complete profile of essential amino acids. SuperPlant Protein also contains the Sapiens Supreme Superfood Blend which consist of 52 Superfoods from fruits, grains, greens, herbs, nuts and seeds. On top of this we have also formulated this product to include 10 natural enzymes.

  • 100% Plant based – Vegan Friendly

    Made from all plant based ingredients, making it lactose free and vegan friendly.

  • 100% Natural

    Free from artificially made ingredients, such as artificial flavours and sweeteners.

  • Easily Digestible – Lactose Free

    Get a good hit of protein without upsetting your stomach that is associated with many other protein supplements available.

  • Aid Digestion

    Formulated with enzymes from natural fruits, vegetables, and sea plants.

  • Healthy Weight Management

    High in protein to support your metabolism and to satisfy your appetite, keeping you fuller for longer. Low in fat, carbohydrates and sugars.

  • Superfood Hit

    Formulated with a comprehensive spectrum of 52 superfoods from Fruits, Grains, Greens, Herbs, Nuts and Seeds to support your nutritional intake and daily well-being.

  • Complete Source of Protein

    Protein is the building block of life, and is vital to help regulate and maintain body function. SuperPlant Protein also delivers over 20g of protein with a complete profile of EAAs that aid protein synthesis.

  • Great Taste and Texture

    Flavoured from natural flavours and sweeteners, with the option of either Natural Cacao – a smooth natural taste with a light hint of cocoa, or Natural Coconut – a smooth natural taste with a delicious creamy coconut taste.

  • Made in New Zealand

    Made in Certified facilities with quality assured ingredients.


100% Natural


Vegan Friendly


Great Tasting


52 Superfoods


Contains 10 Natural Enzymes


Good Source of Protein


Low in
Saturated Fat


Made in New Zealand

Why take SuperPlant Protein?


100% natural and plant based ingredients (Yes – its Vegan Friendly!)

Free from Artificial, Dairy, Soy, and Animal Ingredients

Boosts your metabolism and satisfying your appetite

Superb taste and texture

Comprehensive spectrum of superfoods for a superior nutritional intake

Complete with natural enzymes plants to aid your digestive health

Sapiens Plant Protein blend is a clean source of protein for your body

Delivers a complete profile of essential amino acids

Low in saturated fat and sugar

Certified 5-Star health rating (healthy as)

Made with quality assured ingredients in a fully certified facility

The Science behind SuperPlant Protein

SuperLean Key Ingredients

Natural Coconut

Is a superfood that is packed with unique phytonutrients, and is known to provide a wealth of health benefits such as supporting your metabolism and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

Natural Enzymes

From vegetables, fruits, and sea plants. These naturally occurring enzymes can aid your digestive function and gut health. In short, Enzymes help breakdown molecules so they are more easily absorbed.

Organic Cacao Powder

Is an organic and raw superfood that is packed with unique phytonutrients and antioxidants. Cacao is traditionally used to elevate your mood and metabolism.

Sapiens Plant Protein Blend

Contains pea, brown rice, and oat protein - making SuperPlant Protein a great source of protein that competes with animal derived products without the downfalls. Sapiens SuperPlant Protein blend delivers all essential amino acids that contribute to protein synthesis and muscle recovery.

Sapiens Superfood Blend

Comprises of 52 types of superfoods from fruits, grains, greens, herbs, nuts and seeds. These superfoods do more than just meet your daily vitamin and mineral intake. These foods can ultimately help you achieve better health and improve the way you feel day in and day out.

How To Take

Dissolve one scoop of Sapiens SuperLean into 300ml or more of chilled water or low-fat milk. Shake or stir well until fully dissolved. Consume two servings per day for better results.

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